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Trance definition of trance by The Free Dictionary.
n Trance f; Med tiefe Bewusstlosigkeit; to go into a trance in Trance verfallen; to put somebody into a trance jdn in Trance versetzen; shes been going about in a trance for the past few days die letzten paar Tage ist sie wie in Trance or im Tran inf durch die Gegend gelaufen.
Urban Dictionary: trance.
As with any kind of music, there are a billion sub-classifications possible hard trance, psytrance, acid trance, goa trance, etc. Trance has been one of the most popular forms of club music over the past few years, and has arguably produced more mainstream appeal Oakenfold, Van Dyk, etc.
The 30 Best Trance Music Songs Ever Billboard.
It would only be proper if the best trance songs were hand-picked by the one who created A State of Trance, Armin van Buuren. Billboard Dance asked the legendary DJ, producer and labelhead to list his top 30 trance music tracks of all-time.
Best Uplifting Trance Mix All Time Favourites 1 YouTube.
trance Dictionary Definition:
If your eyes are open but you're' not fully awake and in control, you may be in trance. Someone might have hypnotized you, or just a glimpse of your latest heartthrob might send you into a trance. Trances dont have to be magic or mysterious when you avoid facing your problems head-on, youre creating your own trance.
trance Wiktionary.
Chinese: Mandarin: quànshì ynyuè, chshén ynyuè, chuáns ynyuè. Czech: trans cs, trance cs. Dutch: trance nl c. Estonian: trance et. Finnish: trance fi. French: trance fr f. German: Trance de m. Hungarian: trance hu. Norwegian: Nynorsk: trance. Occitan: trance f.
Trance: Explore Trance Music at Beatport.
Above Beyond, Seven Lions, Kryder, Elevven, Jordin Post, Spada, Le Youth, Marsh, Spencer Brown, Matt Fax, Pretty Pink, Qrion, Jaytech, Sunny Lax, Genix, jUdAh, Fatum, Jason Ross, Oliver Smith, Elysian, 3LAU, XIRA, Mat Zo, Zashanell, Julian Gray, Grum, Natalie Shay, Zoe Johnston, Myon, Alissa Feudo, Marcus Schossow, gardenstate, ALPHA 9, Trance Wax, MC GQ, Gabriel Dresden, Sub Teal, Cosmic Gate, Andrew Bayer, Ilan Bluestone, Gid Sedgwick, Richard Bedford.
Trance Top 100 Tracks: Beatport.
Amsterdam Trance Records RazNitzanMusic. Torn Extended Mix. Hemstock, Mercurial Virus. You'll' Be OK feat. Annabel Giuseppe Ottaviani Extended Remix. Create Music Group. Down the Hill Extended Mix. Trance Reserve, SinStar. The Landslide Extended Mix. Jan Johnston, Tycoos. Amsterdam Trance Records RazNitzanMusic.
The most played tracks in Trance on SoundCloud this week.
published on 2016-12-08T164909Z.: Armin Van Buuren Vs Vini Vici Feat. Hilight Tribe Great Spirit Extended Mix by ASTRO MUSIC. published on 2016-12-20T093055Z.: Vocal Trance Mix Volume 3 Top Best Vocal Trance Songs Mix 3 by 2020 Dance Songs Vocal Trance SongsDance EDM.
Trance music Wikipedia.
Trance music is broken into a number of subgenres including acid trance, classic trance, hard trance, progressive trance, 4 and uplifting trance. 4 Uplifting trance is also known as anthem" trance, epic" trance, 4 commercial" trance, stadium" trance, or euphoric" trance, 7 and has been strongly influenced by classical music in the 1990s 4 and 2000s by leading artists such as Ferry Corsten, Armin Van Buuren, Tiësto, Push, Rank 1 and at present with the development of the subgenre orchestral" uplifting trance" or uplifting" trance with symphonic orchestra" by such artists as Sound Apparel, Andy Blueman, Ciro Visone, Soundlift, Arctic Moon, and Sergey Nevone Simon O'Shine, among others.
TRANCE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
First she goes/ falls into a deep trance, and then the spirit voices start to speak through her. When a hypnotist puts you into a trance, you no longer have conscious control of yourself. He sat staring out of the window as if in a trance.

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