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YOGI TEA Tea mixes of selected herbs and spices.
We want to serve and inspire with the products we make, by doing good in the world and by providing tasting and beneficial products to everybody. Ever since YOGI TEA was founded, its been about more than just creating Ayurvedic herbal and spice teas.
Tea Wikipedia.
Examples are la meaning tea purchased elsewhere and miiem wild tea gathered in the hills from the Wa people, laphet in the Burmese language, and meng in Lamet meaning fermented" tea leaves, as well as miang in the Northern Thai language fermented" tea.
Teas Wikipedia.
Teas or TEAS can mean.: Tea, a traditional beverage made from steeping the processed leaves, buds, or twigs of the tea bush Camellia sinensis in water. Test of Essential Academic Skills, a standardized test used for entrance to nursing schools.
Is green tea good for you? The health benefits of tea TODAY.
The amount of time the leaves are processed determines whether you end up with a green, black or oolong tea. The green teas are the least processed and tend to have the highest amounts of polyphenols, and the only type that contain the polyphenol, catechin, which is why many studies have been done using only green teas.
Bohea Teas Sourcing Exceptional Loose Leaf Teas and Infusions.
Bohea Teas is a specialist tea company sourcing the finest loose leaf teas and herbal infusions from around the world. We work closely with farmers, co-operatives and local buyers to bring you some of the most skilfully crafted teas and tisanes.

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